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Welcome to the world of Designer Kitchens, where excellence in creativity lends vitality and warmth to the social center of the home.

Written By Anna Curtis

From whole-house renovations to additions on kitchens, baths and home offices, no project is too small or large for the talented team at Designer Kitchens. They can design a single entertainment unit or an entire new kitchen filled with exquisite furniture cabinets. Regardless, you never fail to bask in the expert design service and years’ worth of know-how at their hands.

“We care for our clients through every step of the remodeling process,” owner Ayeshah Morin says. “We take a turn-key approach that allows us to professionally handle every single aspect of the project.”

One of the best parts of Designer Kitchens is that they work as a team that thoroughly understands personal style, never failing to keep functionality at the forefront of their minds. “We care for our clients through every step of the remodeling process,” owner Ayeshah Morin says. “We take a turn-key approach that allows us to professionally handle every single aspect of the project.” Aside from Morin, the team at Designer Kitchens consists of two other certified kitchen designers—Johnny Chao and Sabina Subzwari. With years of remodeling experience in kitchens, baths and other spaces, the staff has remained up to date on the latest trends, codes and guidelines in the industry.

“We’re constantly expanding our horizons through education, training and professional affiliations, with architects, designers and builders to provide the very best in custom design,” Morin says.

Designer Kitchen Services:

  • Design
  • In-Home/Showroom Consultation
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Offices
  • Media Rooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Space Planning
  • Drafting
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Perspectives
  • Installation
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Atmospheric Lighting
  • Surfaces & Flooring
  • Designer Kitchens, Inc.

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    888.370.6194 | designerkitchensoc.com

Solar Energy

Solar Energy


Let A1 Certified Solar put you in the 21st Century
Harness the sun’s power to provide clean, efficient energy.

You’ve heard about it. Maybe even considered it for your own home or office. If concerns about the difficulty or the cost stopped you from getting serious about solar energy, it might be time to find out how easy and affordable solar power really is. Chances are, one of your neighbors has already elected to go in this direction and you have seen the energy-saving panels on his roof. This could be the perfect time to find out more about it, because of all the incentives being offered to new customers and the increased efficiency of the new generations of solar panels.

A1 Certified Solar is a state-licensed electrical contractor with engineers on staff who have over 30 years experience in structural and design engineering. They also act as consultants for many Orange County cities. They specialize in residential and commercial installations, providing customers with a full-service solution for all their solar needs. A1 Certified Solar will educate you, help you secure financing, install your system and also prepare all of your rebate paperwork. Rebates, you say? Yes! Your utility company will pay you up to 25% of the purchase price and you’ll get a 30% tax credit from the government for going solar. Not bad for an energy system with a 25 year warranty and with many systems still producing power after 40 years! Talk about a smart investment; In 5-10 years, your system will have paid for itself. Who wouldn’t want to eliminate all electric utility costs for up to a quarter of a century?

If you’re thinking about saving yourself lots of money and helping the environment, all at the same time, A1 Certified Solar is definitely the place to start!

Solar energy is clean, renewable and very dependable. Producing electricity from solar energy results in a reduced consumption of fossil fuels and therefore generates far fewer pollutants and greenhouse gases. Each and every solar electric system installed has a significant impact on the world we all live in.

Check out the following environmental impact statistics a modest solar power system can have over its lifetime:

  • 300 barrels of oil not produced
  • 270,000 miles not driven
  • 1,100 lbs. of acid rain emissions not 
  • 550 lbs. of smog emissions not
  • 220,000 lbs. of greenhouse gases not emitted
  • Equivalent to planting 500 trees