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Publisher Brad Wright Highlights

From the Publisher Brad Wright


It’s Friday night, January 18, 2012. I’m walking alone on Avenida Del Mar, on my way to meet a friend at the Wine Cellar. Something about this evening, maybe, but Carbonara’s calls my name—pit stop—figure I’ll drop in and verbally fence with Fred the bartender for awhile over a glass of wine. Mary Carbonara is sitting speaking with Fred. I sit down next to her and the three of us engage in local conversation with a few other patrons. This is Carbonara’s—this is what we do. We go over all the “Godfather” movies, picking out our favorite lines and scenes (everyone has one and it always tops the other person’s, of course).

Fred gets busy and Mary and I begin to talk a little business. I ask how everything is going and Mary says, “Things are good, Brad, but I’m so worried about Tony.” She goes on to explain that Tony’s blood pressure is so high the doctor said if it doesn’t come down by this Tuesday, they’re going to have to hospitalize him. I think to myself, if his blood pressure is this dangerously high, why is Tony not already hospitalized? Everything from that moment on has been completely surreal, phantasmagorical. I say this because Tony Carbonara had a major stroke that next Tuesday and passed away on January 24, 2013.

As I write this, my family and I have not been back to have dinner or even just hang out at Carbonara’s. This is the longest we’ve gone without being there since they first opened 23 years ago. It will never be the same, of course, but I believe we’re ready now for a visit. We look forward to seeing you folks there, too.

Inside this issue I share my thoughts about a man who had an army of friends and the heart of a lion. A man who was like a big kitten to kids but a mountain lion when it came to defending a friend. Tony did everything he could to help our publications. Heck, he sold more ads than anyone who ever worked for us! Tony was my eyes and ears for this city. He would even let me know if someone was moving to Idaho. I hope you enjoy our words here, although they can hardly paint the perfect soul-filled picture of a man who helped transform the San Clemente community into what it is today. I love you Tony Carbonara—you were everyone’s best friend.

Lots of fruitful things have been going on at South Coast publications—soon to be known as “SMagazines.” In the last two years we have built our direct mail distribution to over 150,000 with our overall outside circulation averaging over 170,000 (and growing). We turned community recreation into our main focus, with our new website launching soon: ConstantRecreation.com. With it, we’ll be focusing the majority of our energy on electronic media, bringing recreation services to families everywhere. Recreation—the worthy use of leisure time.

South Coast has blended and created a cooperative community partnership with a team of both young and mature individuals. Our network has developed over 100 civic websites, a publishing print experience with over 30 years and 30 cities, and to nonprofit organizations. Clients ranging from the city of Irvine, San Clemente, Carlsbad, Oceanside and Escondido all the way to Thousand Oaks, Big Bear Lake Resort Association and Bear Mountain Resorts are included. Not to mention nonprofits such as Ocean Institute in the City of Dana Point and the YMCA locations of both South Orange County and North San Diego County. We now offer complete website design with added gratis website advertising—invaluable! Join our South Coast Membership advertising program and your ad is absolutely complimentary and totally accessible by our web community, no print advertising required.

Of course, we still take phone calls and, as the publisher, I will personally be there to answer your call: 949-498-0705.