Roman Alexander and the Robbery

Roman Alexander and the Robberty

Roman Alexander and the Robbery

With a sound as original as its name, it’s no surprise this local band was nominated for ‘Best Blues’ at the 2010 Orange County Music Awards.

Written by Anna Curtis The OC has long been the initial stomping grounds of great musicians, at least in recent rock history. Heck, even Leo Fender himself—father of the electric guitar—lived his whole life in Fullerton. So the band, Roman Alexander and the Robbery, is no different when it comes to a group of talented young individuals putting it all on the line and taking their shot at the music industry. As well they should. Evolutionary in style and genre, their music comes smoothly at you with a bluesy soul-and-funk feel that resonates somewhere way down deep. “I don’t believe in styles anymore,” lead singer Roman Alexander says. “I think people just want to hear music that’ll make them feel something.” Well, whether his band can be categorized as a particular style or not (and it probably can’t be pigeonholed), there is one type of music everybody likes: the good kind. For Roman Alexander and the Robbery, that means a soulful voice over folk-y chord with a rhythmic backbone, raw leads and a smooth finish. Just the thing you weren’t expecting on a Saturday night in a microcosm like the OC. Unless, of course, you were in the know. You can thank us later, after you’ve caught one of their shows live. Of course they’re in demand—they tour all over California, playing 15 venues a month. And their self-released album, “Roman Alexander and The Robbery,” is available on iTunes and Amazon.com. Somehow, some way, get yourselves in front of these guys before they hit the big time.

Meet the Band

Lead singer Roman Alexander is inspired by the idea of affecting people by the lyrics he writes. Growing up, his father introduced him to classic rock and great artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield. Coupled with his mother’s love for great soul music from artists like Al Green, and bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, Alexander developed his own creative sense of music. “It’s a hard living, but as long as I have a guitar in my hands, there’s always new songs to sing and new people to play them for,” Alexander says. “This is how we get by.” Guitarist Matt McDavid will tell you his family is a machine run by music, and his life has always had a soundtrack. It’s obvious he has total faith in the others as musicians. “We do a lot of impromptu jams live, where we just pick a note and see where it takes us,” he says. “It’s inspiring every time one of those jams goes well.” Percussionist Scott Gronsky started playing music by ear when he was 9 years old, and never stopped. He feels “like a gladiator” when he plays music live. Ultimately, he’d like to travel the world expressing his creative side by pushing the boundaries of music. “It’s like I’m adding color to a musical painting.” Keyboardist Chad Stanner grew up amid musical instruments all around the house and loves the fact that he makes music almost every night of the week. “My goal is to basically travel the world as a musician,” he says. Bassist Ryan Reno is the snarky one of the bunch (a trait he admits “doesn’t translate well in e-mails or texts), and has been playing since he was 11 years old. His inspiration is seeing the bands he loves play, “unless they’re terrible live.” What does he love most about the work he does? “Free food and drinks,” he says, mulling it over. “And I’m kinda serious about that.” For bookings:  714.875.5743 romanalexanderandtherobbery.com myspace.com/romanalexanderandtherobbery