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In an age where we have seen the erosion of personal liberties and the rise of corporate wealth, it can seem difficult to carve out justice from our legal system. Joseph C. Rosenblit has always believed that the law can—and should—apply equally to the rich, poor and middle class alike. And he has made that belief the core of his legal practice.

In the 22 years Rosenblit has practiced law, he has taken hundreds of cases to trial, arbitration, mediation and judgment. Many of those cases were resolved well into the six- and seven-figures. What he has brought to the litigation arena every time is the tenacity to fight for every right and every dollar to which his clients are entitled. These results have been obtained in a number of forums including real estate, personal injury, elder abuse and fraud litigation. The battles have been fought in civil court, private arbitration and bankruptcy court. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants.

Some of the outstanding results that Rosenblit has recently obtained: The driver of a garbage truck hung a left turn in front of Rosenblit’s client, who was on his way to work. The injuries sustained by that client necessitated two back surgeries and left him partially disabled for life. The jury awarded $2.1 million.

A 60-year-old widow was preyed upon by a couple who convinced her that they had an investment business, and talked her into borrowing $750,000 against her home to invest with them. It was a scam. They left her penniless and on the verge of foreclosure. When Rosenblit sued them, additional bank accounts were found in their name. The accounts were frozen immediately; a judgment against the defendants was obtained and Rosenblit recovered his client’s money.

A client’s elderly mother died at a nursing home under suspicious circumstances. A review of the medical records revealed that she had been malnourished. An elder abuse complaint resulted in a $1 million policy limits settlement.

A client required lumbar fusion surgery (with a titanium cage) when the cab of the truck he was driving was crushed by a 2-ton crane shovel that had been negligently swung by its operator. Rosenblit received an $875,000 jury verdict.

A family bought a home near the coast. The realtor and the sellers of the home knew, but did not disclose, that the soils had major erosion issues. They also knew that some foundational slipping had occurred as a result of it. Significant construction work needed to be performed in order to secure the home. The case resolved for sufficient monies to cover the costs of construction and attorney’s fees.

A woman crossed the street using a crosswalk when the signal gave her the go-ahead. She was hit by an uninsured motorist and required a hip replacement. In an ‘Uninsured Motorist’ arbitration, she was awarded $470,000.

A real estate agent defrauded a woman during a real estate deal. When Rosenblit sued in civil court, the broker filed for bankruptcy. He then filed against the broker in bankruptcy court and obtained a judgment for fraud. Rosenblit is now in the process of obtaining up to the $50,000—the amount available through the Department of Real Estate Victims fund.

An elderly couple re-financed a commercial property, and was defrauded by both the lender and the mortgage broker. Rosenblit brought an action for fraud and elder abuse against those companies and got the terms of the loan changed as well as a cash settlement for the couple (the amount of which must remain undisclosed due to a confidentiality agreement).

In addition to the types of litigation described above, Rosenblit’s office has been actively involved in helping people find relief from mortgages and other types of debt that have left them in financial ruin. He has achieved loan modifications, helped with short sales, gotten debt reductions, filed bankruptcies and successfully petitioned criminal courts to expunge misdemeanors (and certain felony convictions) on behalf of clients who needed a fresh start.

Besides the willingness to take up the battle, litigation calls for a certain skill in which the experienced attorney is able to size up all the various elements of the case, play the strengths, and lead the client to the most optimal result possible.

Rosenblit’s fee structure remains negotiable. He has hourly rates, contingency fees hourly/contingency blends and flat rates according to the type of case and the financial positions of his clients. He has litigated cases in every county of Southern California as well as Northern California, and is licensed to practice in every court in this state, including all California Federal District Courts.

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