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Local Passion for Fashion

Vintage Inspired Apparel & Home Décor

Local Passion for Fashion

Written by Jamie Hinrich

Downtown shopping on Avenida Del Mar offers a variety of fabulous fashion boutiques, like the shops Heavenly Couture and Vintage Inspired, both of which offer customers the perfect combination of styles in vogue and quality clothing.

Heavenly Couture

This charming boutique’s mission is to find the best values of modern styles for its customers. Although you might find similar designs in other shops in Orange County, here the price for any item is always $15 or less. Why keep looking for a better deal, when you can head to Heavenly Couture to find the latest fashion trends at the lowest price?

Owner Justin Ha and his wife, June, decided to open a San Clemente store since their Laguna Beach location attracted similar clientele and was thriving. “San Clemente didn’t have a low-cost clothing store such as Loehmann’s,” he says. “So the niche was wide open for Heavenly Couture.” Although the pricing is low for their clothing items, that in no way reflects the high quality of what they sell. The diverse and hip style of clothing also appeals to a wide range of ages, offering something fashionable for almost everyone.

The name “Heavenly Couture” and the use of a dove in the logo are meant to reflect the couples’ commitment to their faith and their dedication to providing customers with high quality, low-priced clothing. “We’re a spiritual company,” Ha says.

Heavenly Couture is always looking to hire qualified sales associates. For more information, inquire about employment at their San Clemente store location.

Heavenly Couture | 128 Avenida Del Mar

Vintage Inspired Apparel & Home Décor

San Clemente appeals to tourists and residents alike for having the ambiance and visual aesthetic of being an historic beach town. That’s why Vintage Inspired Apparel & Home Décor is so well-suited for Avenida Del Mar. This quaint boutique sells modern clothing in the vintage style of the 1920s through the 1980s, allowing people to immerse themselves in a bit of classic style.

Owner Laura Newhall-Allen has had a lifelong love for fashion. Growing up, her mother taught her about clothing construction and fabric, which contributed to her decision to pursue and achieve a degree in fashion merchandising and interior design. Vintage Inspired is the culmination of her longtime dream to open a vintage clothing store.

Newhall-Allen hopes the vintage clothing she offers will invoke nostalgia in older clientele and inspire younger customers to cultivate a more classic wardrobe. “I strongly believe in providing personalized customer service,” she says. “Something that’s hard to come by in today’s clothing chains and department stores.”

Vintage Inspired offers an impressive range of women and men’s fashion, true vintage accessories and even some enchantingly antiquated home décor items. The clothing is functional and sophisticated, yet affordable, which is something everyone looks for in the modern economic atmosphere.

Next time you’re on Del Mar, stop in to meet Newhall-Allen and to take a step into fashion history.

Vintage Inspired, 
144 Avenida Del Mar