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Triton Football

Jaime Ortiz has been apart of the San Clemente Trition football program for 12 years now

Representing Triton football on and off the field is the philosophy of head coach for the San Clemente football program, Jaime Ortiz. Two season’s ago as the defensive coordinator, Ortiz helped the team get to the CIF-SS Pac 5 championship game. With a new season in a new position so to came the new players. This season saw only six returning starters but Ortiz uses this as a motivational technique for his team.

“The seniors during the championship game run in CIF that year did a great job of raising the bar for our program and it is up to us to continue to get better every day,” Ortiz said.

The Tritions went through a developmental stage this past season but the boys were galant in their efforts to build the cupboard back up. Coming within one minute of the season last game of making the playoffs. Ortiz has been apart of the San Clemente Trition football program for 13 years now, he knew teaching and coaching were something he saw in his future immediately after graduating high school. It took eight years of coaching other high school football programs before Ortiz found something special about San Clemente’s program, and he has had no desire to go anywhere else.

“I truly believe that San Clemente is one of the last one town, one school communities left in southern California, it’s something special and sacred that I remind the boys about on a daily basis,” Ortiz said. Twenty years coaching high school football has brought Ortiz great joy, he has had opportunities to coach at the college level but prefers the mentoring role he gets to experience and share with his players. Ortiz recalled coaches that were father figures to him in high school and he strives to be the same to his players. Coaching not only football, strength and conditioning, Ortiz stresses the importance of academics to his players. “ The players know that there is only one event that matters on the football field and it happens every June with family, loved ones and friends attending, it’s called graduation,” Ortiz said.

Having the opportunity to interact with Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, coach Ortiz reiterates an attitude he learned from coach Carroll. Always competing in everything they do, from the classroom to the weight room, study hall and football field. This is what Ortiz learned from the NFL head coach and brings to the group of young men.

However, the involvement of the team doesn’t end with the players and coaches, Ortiz is pleased have support from the parents. Financially parents have band together and raised funds for the program, but more importantly they have volunteered time to help with snack bar operations as well as numerous programs behind the scenes. “With budget cuts, the parents have really stepped up to keep the program running at an optimal level, our program philosophy is that we are a Triton family and we want everyone to be a part of it,” Ortiz said. Family is a crucial element in Ortiz’s life as he is recently the father of three now. The life of a high school football coach is demanding, during a regular season coaches average about 480 hours away from the family working with their student-athletes. Ortiz praised his family for all their support that enables him to coach at such a high level, calling his wife the rock of the household.

“It’s hard enough to go through a season as a coaches wife but for her to do what she does while being nine months pregnant reminds me every day how lucky I am,” Ortiz said. The Ortiz family welcomed home their new born baby recently and when you see coach around his kids you know where his true happiness comes from….family.

“I was given this advice, there are two things that will guarantee happiness in life: you have to marry your best friend and you have to love what you do for a living, I’m lucky to have both,” Ortiz said.